Monday, April 25, 2005

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary

So Mary Grabar has some definite ideas about Slam Poetry,
Java Monkey Speaks and the poets that read there.
Hold up,
Wait a minute,,,..
What's that you say..
She hasn't what?
Hasn't been......
Did I hear someone say she hasn't been there?
But her commentary it was so, so, ......
really fucking insane is what it was.
It's funny because she has no idea how many people she pissed off.
Or maybe she does and it's some twisted republican game ( I hear they are a kinky group).
She was worried and concerned about her favorite shrub being dissed
in an open mic setting,
wait no it was "the liberal setting"
she may as
well show up butt ass naked
(although I can't imagine wanting to see that),
slathered in butter,
with an apple in her mouth.
'Cause soups on and let the roasting begin.
So many of my friends are responding to the letter
and giving her hell.
Way to go fellow poets.
I have not mastered the art of response to letters that piss me off
without lots of colorful
un poetic, slammy like phrases like...
Stupid dumb fuck,
ignorant ass bitch,
and my favorite
goddamn republican crackhead motherfucker!
See none of these will get my letter of response printed
in the Loaf. So I leave it to you my level headed poetry kings and queens to write the response that makes my phrases eloquent.
An I will slam her ass on the stage!!!
And I'll be nice and include her boy Bush!!!!
I'm sure he's doing something fucked up oh.....right about now!

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