Monday, August 08, 2005

Icing on the Cake

The good times just keep on rolling along.
The IRS came through.
How many times have you been able to say, Yea IRS!
I know me neither.
But, here it is.
My brother got me a flight to Albuquerque with sky miles for my Birthday.
My pals Karen G and Stacie got me a room, for my birthday.
All I had to do was worry about food, venue fees, and drinking, not necessarily in that order.
I was trying to juggle my car note and even asked my mom for money.
Who wants to do that?
I mean she's the coolest mom in the cosmos, but her interest rates could be like....Damn!
Not only was I able to pay my credit card to a zero balance,
I also paid all my doctor bills from my surgery,
all the household bills... Now sport a zero balance,
back to school clothes for the kiddies,
some swanky very inappropriate T-shirts for me,
new jeans ( as my ass is getting wider, and it's all because light beer sucks),
and I will have a no sweat time(except for the heat in NM).
And I can rest assured, and I think that my finances will not be hampered in the future by a deadbeat,
dad that is!
My oldest turns 17 next week and my 4 year old will turn 5, five days later.
I am diggin the upswing, and I do not take it for granted,
for I know that things can change,
in the blink of an eye!!!!
What an INCREDIBLE summer!
Thanks to all of you who made it possible!
I love you madly,
with icing and a cherry on top!
Now if I get laid on top of all this, I may explode!!!!!!
And I have a room by myself with a king size bed so.....It could happen?
So step back, I wouldn't want you to get any on ya.......That is unless you like that sort of thing?

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