Thursday, August 04, 2005


i thought i was computer stupid.
turns out i am just computer special.
what i needed was collin to teach me how to do some shit on my blog.
i think my picture might actually show up now. and i learned how to link.
i'm tired as hell, feeling cool as hell cause my buddy taught me something new today.
when you learn something new you get a wrinkle in your brain.
i'm feeling really wrinkly right now.
but if the side effect of a new wrinkle is a gray hair ........
damn, like i don't have enough of them.
i am considering coloring my hair next month.
you know how it is you look 40 in the face and you start trying to camouflaged.
what color should i go with?
whole head or tips?
imput goddammit,
i need input!!!!
help a poor, gray haired, old as hell sista out, why don't cha!!!

1 comment:

Collin said... was my pleasure. And yes...I can see your pic now!!!