Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Pat's on Crack!!!

Why can Pat Robertson wish a political leader dead on National TV and I can't?
Why can he plead to a group of churchy type folks to help bring about this leaders demise and I can't encourage my activist friends in the same way by the same means?
I'm sorry not demise he wants them to "Take Out" this leader?
Is it because I'm not a member of the 700,
holier than thou,
bass ackwards,
closet racist,
but not far enough in the closet that we don't notice club.
I'm sorry what he said to me is the equivalent of a terroristic threat!
I guarantee if one of us
( heathen assholes that we are)
went on national TV and said
"Someone needs to take OUT Pat with a George on the side,"
The FBI and the CIA not to mention the homeland security dicks would be so far up your ass you'd be shitting political bullshit for the rest of your life!
So here's what we need to do.
We need to join the 700 Club!
Then we need to become a Holier than Thou, Heathenistic Assholes.
Then we can threaten who ever the fuck we want.
When we want (rightnow)!
Where we want ( on national TV)!
How we want ( dangling on God's sleeve) !
Sorry, I can't do it!
That's way to fucked up... even for me!
It's a hard one to get, but you did it!!!!!

1 comment:

Collin said...

As you will notice on my blog, I'm quitely praying for Pat and Dubya to be loaded onto a rocket and shot into the center of the sun. This will take divine intervention, but prayer can be powerful. :)