Tuesday, March 07, 2006

is this thing on

What an amazing couple of weeks!
More like three weeks.
I am elated in all areas of my life right now and it’s been a long time coming.
It only took a year and a half of stalking Doria Roberts before she did a show with me.
I have done my third college gig and it was great!
First slam outside of Atlanta! Awesome!
Green eyes that watch me!
All in all incredible!
My son was the best damn boa constrictor in the whole wide world in his class play!
My class successfully pulled of the play about nothing that included;
a drug reference,
use of the word pessimist,
pirates, yo-yo’s,
a sword fight,
a rap song,
and a Cheney joke!
I think we are up for a Tony!
Trying to get back into my body.
I have had so many experiences this week end,
and discovered hidden talents.
I think I have successfully blown my own mind and maybe the mind of others.
I’m tired and coffee has stopped working.
After this cup I’m switching to energy drinks.

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