Tuesday, March 14, 2006


oh my god!
what a crazy couple days.
my ignition switch thinggy went out and i had to have it replaced. damn unexpected expense and now i am unexpectedly broke as in no cash money honey! nada!
i don't have a lunch today so i am eating chef boy are dee.
and all i have to say is.......
why does it taste like shit?
shit in sauce. i don't think i have ever tasted anything quite like it. i am about to break my big old rule about wasting food and throw this shit away. anyhow it's more a sub-food, because it taste like shit and the meatballs look like well you know. one of my students says he loves that stuff!
kid clearly has no taste buds cause, damn!
one of my other students fell off a picnic table last friday. i called her mom and she went to the doctor and came in today with a broken collarbone! wtf!
she's been trying to write, bless her heart.

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