Monday, March 13, 2006


it's like that recurring dream that you have.
you know the one you're there hanging out looking and feeling ok, then you realize you are not naked, but wearing granny panties and your boobies are on backwards! Maybe that's just my dream...Huh.....anyway, something in the cosmos doesn't want me to slam for the monkey. it's to the point of funny. it's amok, then. my personality is probably more like an elephant drunk off her ass tearing shit up, rather than a monkey hyped on coffee. it was the most interesting slam i've been to so far. i really hope the finalist on both teams make themselves familiar with technique and style because a lot of what i heard would be booed off the stage. i can't remember one poem at individuals or at nationals last year where the word bitch was used in reference to a woman. there were no dick poems or vagina monologues. there was cleaver and rarely did you see paper. i suggest everybody go and see slam outside of Atlanta. it will blow you fucking head off, make you chase it across the street (only kicking it twice), pick it up put it back on you shoulder and raise you levels.
i am enjoying the hell out of this!
two slams in one month and in both people confused by the judges and diggin my words!
some pissed some shouting it's all great....loving this!
i love the randomness and the way the listeners connect...well, when they are actually listening.
i have to pace my social life. i've been denied so long i think i'm still in a buffet state of mind. filling my plate even when i am full and still going back for more. makes for a tired body and a foggy mind. i just have to remind myself that i will not starve......ooh dessert!


M. Ru Pere said...

Hey, babers - you were great (as always!) . . . last night it was just judge bio-rhythms (or lack of) or somepin . . . I personally think that Warning Signs resists being compressed into a Slam 3 minute GAP bag - it needs to air itself out like at the Medusa gig when it kicked serious butt . . . so much of slam (from my loser's perspective, heh-heh) would seem to turn on choice of material . . . anyway, we can get drunk at the april thing out on the patio and holler inappropriate shit - at least there's that . . .

Collin said...

It was interesting watching the audience last see what they were responding to. Usually I'm judging, so I don't pay much attention to the audience, but there was definitely a mood in the room for "nasty." They wanted some smack-talking about bitches and ho's and they got it. Competing in a slam seems so's all about mood and how the audience influences the score. Who knows what will be the mood at the finals.

All that said, you were great last night. Don't fret. Go to Art Amok and kick all their asses and get yo'self to Austin. :)

Cindy Lou Whoo said...

yes let's get lit on the patio and talk shit..that would be lovely