Friday, March 17, 2006


My son is so funny.
he woke up this morning in a great mood especially
considering the 3am visit to my room where he informed
me again that his leg was broken and needed to sleep with me.
He has said this to me on several sleepy night occasions,
so I am not sure sometimes if he has hurt his leg
or he just dreamed he did.
He walks right into my room.
Standing on both legs.
It's just weird 5 year old thing,
I don't think I want to understand.
This morning we get to school,
he goes into his classroom and then runs back to mine.
"Mom, I'm not wearing green! I don't want to get pinched!
It's Patrick Day, you know Sponge Bob."
This cracks my ass up!
I am laughing so hard I'm doubled over.
Then it dawns on me that he could be serious.
That would be a funny holiday,
I need to find out if he was joking.
Believe it or not his humor is so sophisticated,
dark and twisted sometimes.
He tells jokes all the time and their actually funny!
A chip of the old block!
I think everybody should say to at least one person
"Happy Patrick Day, you know Sponge Bob!"
and see what kind of reaction you get.
That is some funny shit!

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