Sunday, March 26, 2006

Karaoke Poetry!

What a night!
We had a blast and those of you who missed it missed something moving, special, and fucking hilarious! Celebrating Karen G, it's her birthday you know, and the love was there. Those who wanted to be covered sent their poems to me and I created these very cute, very clever (if I do say so myself, and make no mistake about it I do!) playbooks. Participants covered the poet they wanted! Alice (the mom) let me choose hers so I had her do poems from Stacie Boschma and Collin Kelley. Needless to say she rocked the both of them, and having your mom read a poem about sex at Collin's parents house was something that needed top be experienced. Amanda Kail's reading of The Gambler as a spoken word piece would have made Kenny Rogers proud! And you know what because we had so much fun, his ass should have been there. Collin's version of This Ones For You was superb and came with audience participation! Stacie did a great job with Butterflies and Rainbows! Karen G, covering Collin's Why I want to Be Pam Grier was soooooooo good! Phoenix held her own with GIMMIE SUM. Ethan cover The Revolution Will Not Be Televised and I believe he came in 3rd for the Slam! The funniest performance came from our only participant who was not a poet. Cutie Rochelle did a very dirty version of Spice Girls Wanna Be that sent folks running from the theater. My mother hooting and laughing it up ( and the wine may have had a little to do with it) only encouraged more naughtiness. I haven't laughed so hard in weeks. We didn't have an enormous crowd but the cool kids showed up and that's all that fucking matters! Next time you make sure you show up! We'll put you on the COOL KIDS list!
You missed the first of many Karaoke Poetry events.
Miss the next one and Coolness maybe forever beyond your reach!!!!!!!!!!!

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Collin said...

Great post! THe evening was a scream. I'll never think of my poetry the same way again...or anybody elses for that matter. :)More please!