Wednesday, March 22, 2006


I met Saul Williams on Sunday!
Then found out I knew his daughter.
Her name is Saturn.
She came to visit my school in January in hopes of being a potential student.
How small is the world.
How miniscule.
Saul, and Cindy and I talked about school, holding up the line for his book signing.
What a beautiful man.
Very profound.
I read new pieces at Java after the signing. I read a piece that resembles another squishy poem. I read it for a friend. I think it went well, there was slight blushing!
I am in flux again.
I don't mind the sensation of changes and changing what bothers me is the loose control I temporarily have over my emotions.
It throws me off.
I say that and some don't understand what I mean.
When I am thrown off,
it's like there is a break in the electrical impulse
that pushes information to my head.
And where I would normally
say no to something
those seconds of disconnect and I start to,
I think this might feel good.
That's it, decision made.
These are the times when my
inner guy pops up and I am thinking with parts of my body.
Not Good.
I have learned over the last couple months that
I am what you might call insatiable.
Meaning....stop playing
you know exactly what the fuck that word means.
At any rate, I'm beginning to get on my own nerves.
Hopefully I'll settle down soon.
I do have to admit....I am having lots, and lots, and lots, of fun.

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