Monday, September 25, 2006

i didn't order that

How much SHIT.....?
Things I need to stop doing....

i need to stop pretending to listen to assholes. it only encourages them and we have all seen little assholes that become bigger.

i need to stop resisting the urge to slap people. Some people need to be slapped, in over and over and over again.

i need to stop letting shit go cause some people are clueless to the fact that the bitch me is still in town. she's trying to fucking evolve and folks are pushing their fucking luck!

i need to remember i'm too pretty to go to jail.

let those who don't value me rot in a special place in hell.

i need to learn how to express my anger, stop being so repressed and shy.

yup...i need a drink!
and someone to help me work out some aggressions!

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