Monday, September 18, 2006

Th LL Word a twisted tale

They watch me
Trying to anticipate my every move
Searching they seek me out
I keep a watchful eye
Watching them
As they watch me
Gracefully they saunter
Statuesque and regal
So lofty in their expression
They seem to know everything
In all their beauty they seem to be missing something
Their incessant stares look right through me
An almost jealous twinge in their eyes
I pretend not to notice their probing
Try to avoid direct eye contact
Their eyes so deep might capture me reveal a weakness they blink lush lashes
Quickly moving out of the frame of my classroom window
They make no sounds
But their miasmic stare
Keep me alert
I fear they want something from me
Something I am not willing to give
My concern and confusion
Leads me to a shaman woman who may be able to give me a clue
Unlock the mysteries of what they seek
and why they want it from me
She reads my feelings
Peers at my palms
Touches my aura
Takes a deep breath and begins to spin her tale
Long Ago
She begins her voice rising like smoke through the rafters
Long Ago
They were the chosen
They possessed beauty beyond compare
Their voices light and beautiful
notes on the breeze
They were among the gods favorites
invited to every event every affair
The chosen became bored with the constant praises from the gods
the prankster in them was awakened
They took to playing tricks on the gods
Moving scepters
adjusting constellations
The gods knew it was them their light laughter floating in the ethers
Then one day the chosen decided to steal the gods fire
They were caught when they awakened the gods with their laughter
So the gods punished them by taking away their voices
This however made them more stealthy they attempted to steal the fire again
In their haste they dropped the flames
In the river of dreams
And the gods became enraged
This time the punishment would be more severe
The gods took away their beautiful manes
Of dreadlocks adorned with jewels that shined
Replacing it with matted fur that covered their once beautiful bodies
Then the gods elongated their necks so they could only glimpse
the fires they’d never take again
Then to make sure that the fires were safe
the gods took away their arms
So when they look at you
my dear
Your shining locks they remember their fall from grace
And they do want something from you
Two thing in fact

She leans in and whispers
sending a shiver down my spine

The llamas
Watch you because they remember
And they want your arms
Never turn your back on them
and I won’t

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