Wednesday, September 20, 2006

learning curves

so yesterday was international talk like a pirate day
and my class young pirates in training
and went pillaging and plundering
big fun
we ended by going to support our favorite pirate
Captain Jack Sparrow
and i learned something new
we arrived to the movie early cause they wanted to spend booty at the arcade
i sat in the lobby and watched several people arrive in different cars
longish hugs
light snacks
all in all about 10 couples

we thought that we were the only ones in the theater
we were not
pirate's is a pretty fucking loud movie
but there are quiet times
where the soundsof oh baby sex in the movie theater was very pronounced
the panting and sighing
and other audible squishy sounds were almost funny
we started being obnoxiously loud talking back to the screen
with me interjecting
"are you guys having a fun field trip! middle schoolers are in the house!!"
so on and so on
pirates is three hours long
that's a lot of theater fucking
sowhat have we learned today students

that when you get older and you want to have an affair you should meet your lover in the movie theater and please watch for marauding middle schoolers

class dismissed

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