Friday, September 29, 2006

i'm ready

last night was great!
i love Cleo and heard poetry i'd never heard of his.
i was sorry i had to leave early. the performance at the eye drum was awesome!
i got my first encore, so they got rock star poet.
the line " i want back ground singers, who put out but don't sing, cause this is poetry"
elicited cat calls of "i'll put out"
and yes i lost my shit for a minute
giggling fit had to regroup.
very receptive and friendly audience.
lot's of fun.
my new piece rewind.
what can i say i love it, and with the rewrites the feeling i wanted to express comes through more clearly than before. it's not about anger, but more about the idea of being stuck in your past. the difficulty in watching someone you care about, with so much to offer, not seeing what you see. whether afraid or unsure.
the feedback was incredible and i left a few friends in tears and a few who related.
lots of full body hugs that you feel in your toes.
it's great when you feel like someone gets it.
suffices to say when i giggled during rock star the entire audience laughing with me and shouting "rewind!"

i think myself is kicking back in.
finally, she was starting to get on my fucking nerves.
i'm ready to make this thing work for me.
any who want to share are welcome.
but be sure that you believe what you see.
believe what you hear.
that i love my friends with the thickness of molasses.
i finished my cd, and will be recording the new piece this weekend!
some excitingly, sad, interesting, confusing, and soul searching days are ahead...hope to see you there.


Collin said...

Sorry I missed the shows, but I had to do my NYC thing. I haven't forgotten the poems you sent either. I plan to look at them and send suggestions tomorrow (Sunday). Smooch! I'm still in shock over Creative Loafing giving Art Amok and Java Monkey Speaks Anthology "Best of" awards. How cool is that???!!!

Cindy Lou Whoo said...

it's very cool. and they mentioned karaoke poetry by name! we are HOT!!!!!!!!!