Friday, September 22, 2006


I guess this is how it's done you get out what you've been thinking and not saying........ I've answered a lot of questions over the last week, I've asked myself a lot. The answers rarely fit or make sense. These are the questions that i have only been able to answer with more questions. I fucking hate that.

what does it mean
to be in that moment
where a minute seem too long
the seconds drag out
ecstasy becomes agony
questions burn
like bridges
memory fades
gone forever
can't hold on to the thoughts that
think there way in
out stretched along time lines that lie
beyond your reach yet you still try to grab
to hold on
hold yourself together
what does it mean?

maybe the meaning is lost
or was never there
a cosmic joke
meant to send you into tailspins of relief and sorrow
helping to hold
to heal
having what's left disregarded
a backwards glance
a second thought
the final straw

what does it mean
to be rightand wrong at the same time
to be banished where colors don't mix
regardless of the way they compliment
to begin something so fragile
it could break
under subtle pressures
never implied
or applied
will yourself to have the strength
build what is broken

what does it mean
to do all you know
and have it not matter
no matter what you do
loathing by loving
crushing with every caress
killing with kisses
you hurt without having the power to heal
and yet
you do........
questions in the back of my mind
but what do they mean???

1 comment:

M. Shahin said...

"to do all you know
and have it not matter
no matter what you do"

Emotions that a lot of us wrestle with on a daily basis. I especially concentrated on those lines above. Contradictions and many things done in vain.

Thank you for sharing this poem :-)