Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wild Man Missed

steve irwin is dead and it makes me sad
the world is running out of charactersnot the kinds that make you cringe because their are being extradited from thailand for being a fucking scary human being
but the fun kindi missed an op to meet him or at least see him in person
but tomorrow my students and i will veg out learning about the animals in the world we will watch crocodile hunter the movie
as the very pissy llamas glare at me through my classroom window
i find myself wondering what steve might suggest
one of those fuckers tried to spit on me today
i'm sure he wouldn't have taunted them like i did
teasing them for not having arms
no doubt whatever advice would have been educational and fun

his personality reminds me of me a little bit mostly because

my students portrayed me as a crazy crocodile hunter type teacher several years ago
their point was how can a person be that excited about what they do all the time
i feel the need to hug an animalthe llamas are out cause they want my fucking arms
so a middle schooler will have to do

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