Monday, May 30, 2005

Act Your Age

Theresa Davis Posted by Hello

I figured it out!! Who says you can't teach an old goddess new tricks. So how does 40 look on me? Be honest, I will not use my goddess powers to smite you. I may singe but I never smite!
I've got lots and lots of things happening this month! I need to create a new web page. I need to begin with a simple free site that I can use and update easily. Any ideas?


M. Ru Pere said...

um, as a card-carryin' PC-conscious SWM, part of me wants to say "no comment," but fuck that, you're lookin' HOT!
I dare you to do the "we could be together" poem at java like that, lol X 10!!! - ps that butterfly poem rocked Sun nite

Collin said...

To quote Prince....SexyMF. :)