Friday, May 27, 2005


I love poetry.
No, I really love poetry.
Last night at Cliterati we did kareoke (spelled way wrong i'm sure, i love poetry not spelling)poetry.
I read a couple of my mom and dad's (Jikki) poetry. I also read a poem by Christine Hamm titled My Poetry. The funny thing is I started a poem called My Words almost a year ago and stopped because it got way silly. One line says
"My words have often been mistaken for laxatives cause I got so much shit to say"
I am going to have to dust that poem off and give it a go.
I met a very lovely lady who covered my poem Off-KilterWorld. She invited me to perform at a party next week.
Did I mention that I love Poetry!!!!

Hey why the fuck do the Amish need a Wal-Mart! (is that how Amish is spelled?)
Why aren't the Amish throwing horse shit at that establishment.
Why is Wal-mart the devil,
and why are the fucking prices so reasonable and they are always so well stocked.
Just say no!!!
Mayans just say no!!!
Amish just take your horse and buggy and ride into the sunset. just say no!!!!!

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