Thursday, May 26, 2005


New Orleans? The final frontier.
What fun, fun, fun!!
Bourbon Street is an olfactory nuisance, imagine a street that smell constantly of sweat, puke, alcohol and ass. No wonder folks start drinking there and just don't stop.
Heat, heat, and more heat. But it's not just the heat but the humidity.
I am having poetry withdrawal! Can't wait for Cliterati tonight. I have no idea what I will do
but I will do it.
I will speak more about NO, later. Wanted to blog last night but the alcohol poisoning interfered with that plan greatly. I strayed from my friend beer, and got suckered into Long Island Ice Teas, there's no tea in there, especially when your bartender says oops while pouring the stongest liquors. Beer, I will never forsake you again, forgive me!!! Long Live Corona

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Collin said...

Sounds like you and your pals had a blast in the Big Easy. I was planning on dropping in to Cliterati this evening, but I'm moving to my new apartment this weekend I am in packing hell. I hope I'll make it to Java on Sunday night to hear Tania. Fingers crossed.