Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I am finally starting to recover.
I have been running since before I went to New Orleans.
I've been dragging my buddy Melissa with me, poor girl
she has to get up in the mornings, not me!!
This is when it's hard for me.
I wake up in the summertime thinking ...Hey I could call so and so and we could go to the movies or out to brunch or something fun.
And they are at work.
So instead of inviting them at some point it will turn into a taunt.
I'll be like,"Hey, wanna go to this very exciting and cool thing happening in the middle of the day?"
And they'll be like," You Know I'm At Work!"
And I'll be like "Oh, yeah, sweetie I forgot. I'll think of you while having fun. Don't work to hard."
My friends will hate me by July!

My brother is coming this weekend!!! He arrives on Friday hopefully in time to make Collin's open mic at GA Tech Barnes and Nobles. Then there is a new place in Decatur, I have trouble remembering the name of it. Then on Saturday my mother gets the Lifetime Achievement Award. Then Sunday Java and Monday House of Poets with Collin Kelley as the featured poets. If you are not at this show, there are many things wrong with you!

Hey, anybody going to Nationals just to hang out? My friends Karen G. And Stacie B. Got me hotel accommodations ( with a king sized bed just in case I get lucky and laid) and my brother is getting my plane ticket. I can't wait! I have never been to an actual real life slam competition where folks from all over are represented. Can you imagine the words, words, words! IT JUST MIGHT BE POETRY HEAVEN!

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Collin said...

Thanks for the plug! Looking forward to hearing and see you Friday night. Smoochies.