Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Damn Tired!!!

Okay, why are there so many
fucked up crazy people in the world?

Tell me why?
Another stupid-ass,
pretends to be kidnapped!

What the fuck is that exactly,
and answer me this.?
If I pick up the telephone and call the police

to report a crime that is not actually happening,
will the cops not show up and arrest my black-ass?
Yes they will!

Rodney King style,
then they'd take some fucked up picture of me

looking like a prostitute crackhead
and play it on the news for a few days.

Ruin my reputation!
Why are folks deciding whether or not to press charges?
Did she commit a crime or not?
Deciding not to get married.
Not a crime.
Running away to get your head straight, and you're grown.
Not a crime.
Planning the get away for weeks.
Not a crime.
Calling in to the police department,
telling them that you have been kidnapped
and taken across state lines,
that it was a Hispanic male and a Caucasian woman,
that they cut your hair and put you in a blue van.
Hmmmm.... Yeah, that's a fucking priceless CRIME!
And I'm sorry if her skin had color any color,

It would not be up for discussion!!!
She might be a little crazy,
but we all know someone crazy in jail and
I bet if we really thought about it,

we'd have to admit
it's the best place for them.

And now she's got more shit to deal with.
Cause even though she faked an abduction,
ran across state lines,

to get away from the wedding.
He standing by his gal!
Dude did not get the picture and she might end
up marring him out of guilt.

She wasn't even smart enough,
to get engaged to a guy that would be smart enough,
to know when he's been dumped!
And because if she doesn't marry him she will be
regarded as the uncaring, crazy, stupid-ass,
bitch, that if she had the balls to

HELL, NO, if that's what she was feeling,
and we wouldn't have to hear
about be apart of,
or even feel the need to blog this shit.
* helpful hint***
This shit has been tried before.
They didn't get away with it either.
Did you Audrey?
Grow a fucking backbone and deal with your shit.

If you're crazy write that shit down and
become a tortured artist type and attract cute
people, who are interesting and fun,
who won't make you kidnap yourself.
Cause you're not good at it!
Get another hobby.

Kidnapping yourself.
Not working!
If you don't want to get married.

it's an evil institution,
you are better off not getting into it.
But should you find yourself there again.
Just kill yourself.
That way no fines, no apologies,

no TV coverage, no marriage!


Collin said...

I agree with Karen. There's a poem in this. And I agree, Jennifer is one crazy lady. Hopefully she'll apologize, pay up and get some much needed couch time.

Collin said...

P.S. I put your link on my blog. Hopefully it will drive some more traffic your way. :)