Tuesday, May 17, 2005

It's Almost Over!!!!!

Only two more days of school. And it won't be a two days too soon!
I love my class, but they are leaving their mark on my locks.
Gray everywhere, no wonder I'm not getting laid. I look like someone's granny.
We had our graduation today and can I just say, middle schoolers in general are a surley crew. They were all stoic and Goth at the same time, just nutty. I am already in next year mode. Redecorating my class in my head and planning. I love my fucking job!!
I think I should take up racing cause all I seem to be doing lately is running.
This week end I'll be running to New Orleans!!!!!
My birthday is next week the big 40!
I got carded the other day and the guy looked at me and asked me if
I was sure the dates were right, lot of guys flirting with me lately...Creepy,
I said now wouldn't I be a dumb fuck if I made my fake ID say I was 40 when 21 would do it.
He grinned and asked for my phone number.
I told him to go to time out 'cause I was old enough to be his goddamn mother.
He asked if a spanking came with that.
Twisted little crackhead, why are knuckleheads catching me in their highbeams.

I read at the cemetery....and it was tooooooooo cooooooool! I loved it!
Nothing like a captive audience! Hey Collin.?

Something very upsetting to me happened last week.
My nephew was working on Wizzer Pizzer ( @ 7 Stages, go see it NOW).
His mother asked me how the show was. I began rattling on about haw amazing
the work her son is doing and how the show was funny and the political
implications, religious crap to, and so on and so on.
Mind you he has been working on this show for more than five weeks,
so she should have know what the fucking show was about inside and out.
I wouldn't let my child work on a project that kept him out till all hours of the night and not
know what it was about. So, she takes my conversation twists it and pulls him from the project! Does she do this Monday when she faked interest noooooo?!
She waits till Thursday two hours before call and then she doesn't even make the call.
My name gets thrown in the mix like I believed it was inappropriate!
I could have kicked her ass. I did in my dreams and then I had to steer clear of her the next day( we work in the same building) so much so that I blew off a field trip because apparently,
I have completely lost the power to bullshit and my hypocrisy button is stuck on fuck you!
This is a post full of 4 letter words! Damn I gotta stop cursing.
Any who!
Rupert was great at Java Sunday night! The new poem went well and I sold two books and a CD( yeah gas money)! Poor Cherryl was s exhausted she ended up crashing on my couch! Twas' the week for women to run themselves crazy!!
My birthday is coming up!!! My mom's getting me a tattoo.....What you goin' get me?????????

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Collin said...

Whoo-hoo...summer is really almost here. No break for me, but glad you're getting one. I'm also thinking about getting a tatoo for my birthday. I think turning 36 is as good a time as any. Ain't gettin' any younger. See you soon!