Saturday, April 23, 2011

16/30 that brazen hussy

16/30 that brazen hussy

I waited for you
lately it seems that’s all I do
my job
these days
is waiting
for you

you make me crazy
fits of frenzied pissed off energy
and I am beginning to think
you like that about me
you like that you can make me this way
all stung out and needy
edge of my seat anticipation
as I wait
for your arrival

you’ve got some sadist in you, baby
some torture
some pure fucked up notion
of how important
you have become to me
you think I won’t leave
won’t make you wait
won’t sit in silence
I don’t see your fine ass

you think you’ve got me
wrapped around your
metaphorical finger

I think you’re right

the way I leave the light on
leave my door ajar
pretending to sleep
when you slip between thoughts
my body wide open for your entry

you think you can come
and go
when you want to
make my emotions your revolving door

you think I can’t live without you
that I can’t formulate
a single thought
around my pens and pencils
if you’re not right there with me

I waited for you
for days and counting
I’m still waiting
and just when I give up
figure you’d call or text to let me know
when you might think
you might
think to stop by
you just show up?

How the fuck you gonna just show up?
after you ignored me for so long
not only do you
show up
you try to have
your way with me
in front of people?

no foreplay
no sweet nothings
you just ambush me
from behind
make me the pillow princess
in full view of company
take my hand
wrap it around the shaft of you
and scribble away your purpose

brazenly finding my clean sheets
caressing me with gentle moans
cloying words

my eyes searching
to see who sees you
forcing me
to be rude
when others are speaking
clutching at you
like I can keep you here
knowing I can’t ignore you
the way you ignore me
wanting to read what you’re saying
even though
I’m sitting
and that poet
on the mic
has noticed your hands all over me

quickly I scribe the bones
of what you whisper
take your hand from my heart
stop us in our tracks

how you just gon show up at the open mic?
and start dictating your intentions
I consider
excusing myself to the bathroom
so we can finish
but you’ve lost your taste
for the subtle unassuming quickie
and I’ll look crazy
with pen and notebook tucked under arm
to go pee

so I ignore you
knowing full well
you may not come back for days

I have to give it to you
I do hate the way you make me wait
but I do love it when you come

you fucking tease

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