Wednesday, April 06, 2011


2/30 Incendiary

they don’t understand

how much their words scorch

don’t believe in back flash

think they resistant to the flames

they fan at each other

their harsh words

once real turn



unruly poltergeists

they trips on excuses

their apologies turn twist of knife

the once bullied

turned bully

not wielding fists or feet

but shrapnel tongues

that seek to destroy


your words have power

I shout

I lecture

they pretend not to hear

I mantra the phrases so much

they may as well be tattooed on my skin


bruised by their

hair trigger syllables


they have their own agenda

this rite of passage

they created

just for them

the only indication

that they feel the power of words

is when I watch them

slap at the flames

threatening their own soft skin

their milk teeth

they only know the moment

not the consequence

those will come later

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