Wednesday, April 06, 2011


4/30 On Last Nights Storm

once upon a time

not too long ago

a storm like this one

would have caused

our skin to ache

an ache only comforted

by the removal of clothes

and the press

I am reminded of one of our storms

we made love outside

neighbors be dammed

patio furniture

becoming accustomed

with new ways to be useful

bare asses to the world

we’d outgrown our closets

long ago

the misting of skin

the rains attempt

to keep our own flames

under control

waking spent

in your arms


turning me



there will be

an argument

one I won’t

participate in cause

I don’t fight


we will part

with hurt feelings



we will regret

but this storm


doesn’t make me

focus on the fight

just the wind,

the lightning

the thunder

whispered I love you’s

pushed from arched backs

hands on flesh

how the feel of this storm

and the thought of you

still turns me


I wonder if you are watching

am I on your mind

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