Tuesday, April 26, 2011

18/30 Fire and Brimstone #1

~in 1979 a fire burned everything we owned. we saved my mom's poetry, my sister saved the Jello and my brother and I were run out by firemen because we kept entering the burning apartment trying to save shyt.~

I’ve never been afraid of fire.

I've never gazed into its flames mesmerized

by it’s movement. I have a respect for it

a loving respect. I understand its purpose

be it to purify or destroy. The way it breathes

and grows consuming everything

within it’s path it reminds me of some people.

I have only met one fire I didn’t appreciate.

Not because you weren’t beautiful,

you were.

But what you were consuming

was the empire I built.

In 1979 you had no idea

the challenge I posed to my parents,

me this obstinate child

so intelligent I used it against them.

Later they will appreciate my ingenuity,

back then

not so much.

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