Thursday, December 08, 2005


I am beginning to think that I have pissed someone off in the cosmos.
Did I cut someone off in traffic,
in the middle of a conversation?
How the fuck did I manage to piss off the the flaming god of fans, dentistry and automotives at the same time? However I did it, they are grinning and sending all kinds of shit my way.
I barely made it home tonight.
My car, I love her dearly, but she is not cooperating.
I don't blame her though.
She know the shit I've been going through.
She's been their through flying Christmas trees and potential port-o-potty deaths.
She's saved me with her never failing breaks and has kept me out of several accidents.
I blame the fucking mechanics who claimed to have fixed her ailment last week.
We both blame them, they lied to us.
They touched her inner parts under the guise of fixing her.
But did they fix her?
No...they touched her goodies and put her in a position to leave me stranded.
Just like a... dare I say....MAN!
She wouldn't allow it however, she puttered me back to the safety of my very cute house.
I have mentioned how cute my house is, haven't I?
She got me home and allowed me to come in out of the rain and have a fucking fit.
I am soooooo going to tear Saturn a new one.
You'd think they'd have learned the last time
I showed up in their showroom and showed half my ass
because they abused and lied to me and my Baby Orange.
Apparently, I am going to have to show my whole ass
in order to get satisfaction.
One more fucking thing.
Which will no doubt turn into two more fucking things.
My Orange, they violated her by tweaking and probing and now she is powerless.
Damn mechanics...they have no idea who the fuck they have pissed off now.
Look for me on the news if I don't get my way!
And tomorrow's field trip day too!

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