Thursday, December 15, 2005

So Fast

So Fast
Theresa Davis 2005

It happened so fast
so fast it was like I wasn't there
one minute I was me
the next moment
I was me in love with you
suffering lustful whiplash
that began to turn into something real
something wanted
something I don't think I can live without
it happened so fast
my mantra
I'm not the type to settle down
I'll never fall in love again
comes back on ,me
stuck on replay
taunting me with an unspoken
I told you so
as I try to catch up
try to take it all in
it just happened so damn fast
I can't remember the days when I never thought about you
cause I can't get you off of my mind
your image disturbs my sleep
memories of you burned into my retina
you reflected in every surface
you face floats in my coffee
32 oz a day
so I see you often
I wonder if you feel it too
or did it happen so fast
that I left you behind
my heart in overdrive
pounding in my ears
drowning out your words
I wonder if you feel it too
it feels like you feel it too
drawn like magnets
sliding down smooth surfaces
I'd ask
but I'm afraid of what you might say
traveling this fast
if you stop me in my tracks
it could break my heart

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Kirkrrt said...

When did you see me?