Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Who cares if it's bad for you, as long as it's good!" says Josh middleschooler extraordinaire!
I can't help but think he's right I am digging my class today in all their strangeness.
Today the father of the kidnapped twins still doesn’t have his report on child safety.
Another child left home alone.
And yet another mauled by a dog.
She wants a do-over? I told her reality not reincarnation math.
One kid has taken the diaper off his sugar baby and is funneling the sugar deposited in the diaper into his mouth.
That's gross!
I know its sugar but the idea of eating out of your baby's diaper is gross.
He said he didn't want the sugar to be wasted; I said in the diaper it represents waste.
The girl sitting next to him picked up her baby and walked away, very funny.
I am ending the baby thing on Friday. Only 3 students have kept up with their children consistently.
More Later!

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