Monday, December 05, 2005


I guess it had to happen.
I mean it was only a matter of time.
Hanging out with those kinds of people.
Those unsure,
all about taking chances not consequences.
I should have known that one of them would do it.
Leave their five pound sugar baby unattended,
hell, let's be honest left the sugary bundle of joy outside in the rain,
can it get any worst.
They had to be taken so my class has made me a kidnapper.
The ransom is a loss of 30 parent points per kid and a paper on child safety.
Enough of that.
I am bored.
Out of my fucking mind but have no desire to go out to meet people.
I am wearing this undatable thing like a fucking medal and it's starting to bug me.
This week end I went out briefly but mostly I was a home body.
I am in a degree of pain but sitting in my bed sipping wine and reading a book I thought nice! Could be nicer with some special someone
should I get up off my ass and look for someone,
but again that would defeat the purpose for if
you have to look for them they are not special they were stalked.
So this is me not looking but sipping my wine reading the new
James Patterson mystery with kidnapped sugar babies,
a pained foot ( damn flaming fan of death, i will be in pain for at least a year, just because I didn't want my family to burn up. Limping in and out of pain for a fucked up is that)
and facial swelling.
The warranty is definitely up and my ass is falling apart.
But the book is good, so far and the wine is tasty.
And if the sugar babies ransom isn't made
the sugar cookies I am sure will be tasty as well.....
it's criminal!


Collin said...

Honey, you are the hottest gimp I've ever met. See you tomorrow night at the library. :)

Kirkrrt said...

It is about time I started reading your blog.