Wednesday, December 28, 2005


I have been limping so long that now that my burn has healed I keep limping.
I think my friends were right though I would never tell them this, but days off my feet did the trick. I still get the occasional stabbing pain that makes me stop and take a breath and some tender times when I have to walk gingerly but for the most part , much, much better.
I finally got my shit moved and I can not believe how much shit I have.
The house we moved from is half the size of this one and this one is full to popping.
I am hoping to be able to have some folks over soon so I've been cleaning like a mad woman.
If I get it together I will have a get together.
Just thought I'd share that!
Happy Wednesday!


Collin said...

Glad you're in the new place, and not being a gimp anymore. :) See you Saturday!

shamanic said...

Glad you're finally settled. The foot, and posture, will recover.

nolapoet said...

You are a marathon-running ass-kicker.

Yesterday we passed a guy riding his motorcycle. He had one artificial leg. He looked as if he and the machine were one. Too, too cool.