Thursday, April 20, 2017

10/30 Double Tap

Double Tap
(written while channeling Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Series)

It was never perfect
or quiet as a library
or loud like a bomb blast

and it could never have been mistaken
for a cool breeze,
that’s for damn sure.

The way they stood there
that look in their eyes
focused on a future
they could see so clearly
if they squinted
a ninety degree angle
just right
nothing obtuse about it
at all,
better believe that.

They were acutely aware
intensely, severe and shrewd
experienced implications
and the feelings they feel justified
to have this  complete finality.

This was no love triangle
but a direct flight
a destination only they knew
and not just locals in the area
they were going far with this
like world travel and cruise ships
floating away in a desire that
could never be called listless
but full of everything
including the rain
and all that lightning
and they just sit there
a house looking smug.

Which is to say it was not lacking energy
they didn’t sit in the traditional ways
and maybe set is better
as in the way a cake sets
a specified state,
meaning it was full of enthusiasm
a weather system
they controlled
and the only warming rests
under their skin
embraced in each others steam
which is different than smoke
in that way that it doesn’t burn your eyes
thick and beautiful
just like the first time
serenity in waves
and they drown inside of each other
the perfect
bomb blast
they set out to be
the shape of something real,
and that’s for damn sure.

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