Thursday, April 27, 2017

16/30 Singe

the morning after I wrote you
the words sticky on the page
I thought of all the things  
I should have kept to myself

the doubt of how much to say
clouded my thoughts just enough

my tongue freed up by my pen

I said more than I thought possible
how could I write about this

I think

how can the words come so easy on paper

an an envelope with a stamp

not from a body standing in front of another body

so, I wrote
about the love and fear of love
lost in translation
about the fire
lodged in my throat
about the way
you only see me in pieces

crack in the foundations
and crumbling wall

I told you the story of how
I was once a dragon lady
my job to keep everything out
burn it away with my flaming tongue

how you were the cool
I needed
the ice on a burn
a calming effect

how with you my hands
no longer clawed at
held strong

I don't miss those days
as much
as I miss
the warmth of your smile

I only crave the flames
when you cover my pieces
in the frost of your cold shoulder

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