Friday, April 21, 2017

12/30 For the Love of God and Everything Holy, Body, It's Bread. We Love That shit!

I have occupied this body for a very long time
and there are some betrayals I expect 
some of these balance themselves out 
menstruation for menopause  
200 bucks yearly flushed away for decades, 
in some account I call 
have fun not babies no more 

the stretch marks that replaced smooth skin 
I rationalized that one away 
called it a road map to places traveled 
called it the bumps along the way taught me 
how to navigate better 
called it braille for a lovers touch 

this geographic tongue 
I rationalized it called it 
your tongue has tasted too much bitter 
now time for all the sweet 
called it all the kissing tastes better 
called it whoever, 
whatever you put in your mouth is savored 
in a way that confuses the alphabet 

when my body starts doing the strange
a random elbow rash, 
the phuck? 
bizarre pinking around the eyes and swelling lips 
the hell?

clearly an allergic reaction 
but to what I think
I don't ask my body 
she's on some other shit right now 
if she doin what I think she's doin

the last time I asked my body 
if I was really allergic to something
let's call them oranges 
because I love oranges 
and their cousins all things citrus 
my body said 
yes, Theresa
you are allergic to oranges"

I said, "not today body, 
not today" 

to show her, I ate a bag of oranges 
yeah, I ran a little fever and the rash went away
but in the way off all vaccinations 
you give yourself a bit of the poison 
your body will provide a defense, 
I am no longer allergic to oranges 
I am however still allergic to the peels 
so I can't peel those fucker
but I will eat them all 
cause my skin does it's own thing and since 
it is the largest of all the organs 
I let her do her what she do

but last week, 
last week I noticed the elbow rash 
pink rash around my eyes and lips 
thought, oh hell no 

so like the orange experiment 
I ate all the bread, 
it got worst so 
I denied myself all things delicious 
for 24 hours 
the symptoms calmed 
I went out for dinner 
I want the biggest fucking burger you have 

and it was OK the first few bites 
by bite five 
my lips started burning the swelling began
my elbows were itching as if 
they could scratch themselves 
I remained calm, resisted the urge to 
drop to my knees and scream to the heavens 

"Noooooo, bread! 
Has thou forsaken me? 
Does thee doubt my love 
my devotion you fickle ass delicious lover" 

but bread 
I knew bread wouldn't hear me
she always cheating up in here on everybody's plate
right in front of me
besides my friend works at this restaurant 
hey Anisa
it would have been weird 
and my allergicness to possible police involvement 
is one I have no issue with

so, the scene happened in my head, 
as I wondered if it was just bread, 
prayed lord, let it be just bread

next week the beer experiment 
but in the mean time, 
I found this gluten free vodka, his name is Tito, 
as I mourn my lover bread
Tito, tonight he has got my back
unlike this body

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