Monday, April 03, 2017

4/30 Beam


she smiled at me
and I thought
what a nice smile
disarming in it slow reveal
a slide across teeth
beaming crookedly adorable

hand slapped on thigh
actually slapping yourself
in public
could be seen
as what it is not
and is at the same time

just a stinging reminder
that’s all
that  is all you want
in that moment
a reminder of how sliding
into a smile like that could     bite
like how good it might feel    all over

you have fallen into too many
the saliva stinging memories
you wish you never had
some you wish you had again

but you have no desire to time travel
to be somewhere you have already been
so you feel the sting
the slap
the tread carefully
you have a habit of running
chambers first

maybe this time
this time maybe

you want to go slow
recognize your own navigation
lead with something other than
what’s been broken a time too many
to count

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