Sunday, April 16, 2017

7/30 Variations

in the first dream 
i wake naked           wonder the house 

i do not recognize 
i think i know what this means           but not yet 

in each room i find some forgotten thing 
or some lost item of clothing 
or some part of me I've neglected 

on the stairs there are a pair of shoes 
i have never been before 

they accuse me of running off at the mouth 
of counting things i do not own 
they sit there in their shiny blues 
                a sad song 
                i do not know the words to 

in the kitchen 
the ramshackle that is my heart 
leans a soggy mess on the counter 
every other beat it calls her name           in a whisper shout 

i can not hear 
because my ears 
are no longer connected to my head         
                         and i think i know what this means 
                                                                   not yet 

the last room i care to search 
is not a room at all 
it is the hollow of a throat i loved 
it is my right arm atrophied 
missing the form of her gone body 
                   it is the waist deep in memory 
                   and missing all the points 

i have never lived here 
like i thought 
this house has forgotten the shape of me 
if i ever find my eyes 
maybe they will tell me something different 
echo myself back 

                          i think i know what this means
                                                              not yet

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