Sunday, April 02, 2017

2/30 What the Sick Said

I have been fighting a bug for the last few days and this may or may not be the hot toddy's talking.

What the Sick

The sick said
you invited me here
laid out a red carpet
tempted me into the ring
beckoned me like a lover
the way you opened your immune system
showed me you chin
dared me to punch

didn’t see the combination of
just the right amount of work
but not enough sleep
just the right amount of love
forgetting the power of adolescent cooties
like all that hugging wasn’t transferring
more than memories

didn’t see that counterpunch
never thought you would be on the ropes
forgot I was contender
but you gon learn today
because I didn’t forget to weigh in
stayed in my neutral corner
shadow boxed with silence
chilled ringside
waiting for the moment
I would deliver the first blow
deciding whether this be bare knuckle or gloved up
knowing I could predict each blow I would deliver
you would receive
You fall into rhythms like lullabies
I was going to put you down
Standing eight  count
saw the precise moment
I could deliver my cross
you and your loyalty to friends
you can’t do everything but you do
until I get my window
then you won't

I was called for holding
so you hit a grand slam
knew you didn't have a chance
baseball games have nothing
on a  pugilist like me
we danced you from class to class
and a show and a whatever
me light on feet bobbing and weaving
bees in a hive
My right hook nearly took you down
but you parried won that round
but you forgot about the southpaw in me
the jabs and uppercuts made me famous
tried to throw a sucker punch
something about a meeting and echinacea

I didn’t want a unanimous decision
didn’t want a TKO
I wanted a knock out
then you tag teamed Mr. Boston
said he was old school
said he has been taking out the sick for decades
said he is  smooth and whiskey eyed special  
but this wasn’t wrestling
I know how to take a punch
wasn’t ready for the match to change
didn’t see that take-down coming
didn’t think I could be thrown like that
had no moves for the half nelson
He sleeper-hold put me under

that’s fine
this match is yours Theresa,
but I’ll rest up
because I know you won’t
overextending your occupational hazard
now that I know with you the tactics of defense change
due to what you need to get done
I’ll be working on my footwork
kidney punches and take-downs
you don’t know how to stay out of schools
you don’t know how to disappoint you friends
you don’t pay enough attention to recognize
when you running on empty
and I am always down for a rematch


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