Saturday, April 22, 2017

13/30 Rising

I can feel them trying to come 
the prickle the sting 
prying their way from me 
escape attempt

but I refuse to let them fall 
let them make this moment more erasure 
than it already is 

I hold them a talisman 
I hold that too as 
long as I can 
one exhale on the wrong side of mourning 
could drown me deeper than the last time 

so I hold them in 
the shudder of my chest 
a reminder of what happens 
when your heart turns library 
loaned out to diinterested readers 
who care more about the cliff notes 
less about the story 

everyone has 
only few read it back to themselves 
stuck on the same pages 
reliving past transgressions 
like a recipe to find something 
that was always lost 
even in the retelling 

they are still burning for release
if I let one fall 
they will all cue up
fall forever 

I think 
best to hold them in 
at least until this wave passes 
store them up 
to water something 
that might possibly grow

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