Thursday, April 27, 2017

18/30 Sweet

when my children find joy in a thing
I want to bask in their happiness
as long as I can

my son has this way
of making me laugh
at unexpected times
asking for snacks
celebrating the little things

I cleaned my room without being told
he says
this seems like a great time for cake!

the way he explains how cake
is the perfect food and if it's carrot cake
it's even better
he is not over exposed to sweets
but when it comes to cake he
can not stop himself

a self proclaimed cake connoisseur
he takes every slice seriously
thinking deeply over each bite
helpful suggestions on how
can be done better

it has become a thing we do
at least once a month
where we seek out new cake
to try
over conversations
being a teenage boy
and girls

my favorite cake with him
was the double chocolate raspberry
after the first bite he put his fork down
looked at me seriously
there were tears in his eyes

he said this is probably
the most delicious cake
I have ever eaten
all I heard was
mom I love you so much
and thank you

we indulge on our cake dates
because we enjoy
the prolonged
to sweet

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