Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Haiku thy name is bi@##@!

Why can't I write a fucking Haiku!? I mean it's simple write? (I did that on purpose, homonyms you know write, right... sense of humor please. Whitout that this post will only piss ewe or you off! Are you at least smiling?) Back to the rant!
Follow the damn formula and you get a goddamn poem out of it!
Shit, this process has knocked me down 4 steps of my twelve step stop the potty mouth program.
I keep this up and I'll be in the fucking basement. 5steps

What an exciting weekend of poetry, family and friends!
Java allways a good time. I e-mailed a lot of folks who actually showed up. I'm wearing them down. All a part of my plan to take over the world. Red Light was great! Very nice crowd lots of good poetry. I heard poems from folks I've been hanging out with lately and there were Kodak moments all over the joint! Hasan enjoyed Rupert so much I thought the himelick( why is that a fucking word that I spelled totally wrong. Shit 7 steps). Listening to funny poetry and eating wings not a good combo. Collin Kelley kicks ass!(8) I love his new stuff. If you didn't make then I guess you're going to have to wait till he feels like sharing. Just know that Rupert and I will be saying," Oh yes, we've heard this poem of Collin's, he's our pal!"
You Poetry junkies who don't go out to hear poetry have got to get off your ass! (9 steps, dammit, 10)
OK, I have calmed a bit.

So I will again attempt to strangle hold this Haiku bitch and show her who's the top!
(11, son of a .... 11 1/2)
Haiku Time.....

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Collin said...

Baby, YOU kick ass. I've never been a haiku fan. I have some, but nothing I want to share. Wait...I do have a haiku about Bette Davis that's pretty good. Maybe I'll dig that up and post it...or read it at Java Monkey. Smoochies.