Sunday, June 05, 2005


What exactly is a Holler Back Girl?
I have heard many explanations of what it is, I am not convinced.
One explanation is that Gwen was called a cheerleader and insists that she is not one by making this song with banana cheer included. Having once been a cheerleader this doesn't sit well with me cause it means I may possibly be a Holler Back Girl and need a support group to stop being one.
The other is that it's a respond to the Holler back song and she will not respond to being hollered at or call your ass back cause some guy says so. I like this better because that means I am most certainly not a Holler Back Girl no support group or twelve step program needed.
What's your definition of a Holler Back Girl?

Hasan is here......Yeah!!!!!!!
I love my brother. My mom got the Lifetime Achievement Award last night and it was great.
I like the ideas of an award being functional. The award is a beautiful crystal looking fruit bowl. Talk about functionality. Have bowl, will fill it with fruit.
I have another dilemma.
I have been told that I am a bit intimidating.
What the hell does that mean?
Is being confident intimidating?
Is being somewhat secure intimidating?
Is being a dreadlocked African goddess intimidating?
If these things make me intimidating I have no defense and trying to meet people is going to be harder than I ever expected. Trying to get back into the dating scene is already a nightmare, and if I am going to be further hampered by my personality, I'm phucked.
See how I did that. I cursed without it being a four letter word. Cursing phonetically changed it.
This is step three in the in the twelve step program on how not to be a complete potty mouth.
Mom will be proud. Not sure what the other steps are as I am making this shit up as I go along.
Goddammit I said shit!
Back to step one....Admitting you have a problem!

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