Monday, June 27, 2005


What a week end!
It was all poetry all the time! I loved it!
I still haven't slept much but,
who needs sleep. Obviously, not me.
Bags under my eyes add character, charm, the look of a psycho.
Which I am sure makes me look more intimidating.
I've been hearing what some folks have been saying about me.
It's truly amazing that the unknown about someone
can be filled in by people who barely know you or don't know you at all.
And it gets taken as fact.
Part of my funk.
I usually don't care what things are said about me,
because I believe that people in general are insightful
enough to make up their own minds about a person.
Not always true.
And now I meet people wondering what they've heard or think they know about me,
and mentally I'm trying to figure out how to do damage control.
Well, I just had to get tough with myself.
Gave myself a thorough mental ass kicking.
Two to make sure I got it,
I can be hardheaded sometimes.
And have decided that if a person or people want to know, really know me.
They will have to be brave enough to venture into the bizarro world of me.
There they will learn that I don't bite
( unless you like that sort of thing)
I don't eat children
( I teach them, they sound similar but they are very different)
I'm not a player
(unless there is a scrabble game involved then yes I'm playing and a kickin' your ass)
I don't look down on anybody
( the vertically challenged will have to forgive me for looking at the top of your heads when I talk to you from now on)
And I'm not unapproachable.
I love meeting new people, sharing ideas, having fun
and I am a normal human being
( given the definition of normal should be loose).
I don't take advantage of people.
If anything just the opposite, I have been known to drive myself crazy trying to please others.
All that said, I now have a gauge on part of what's bothering me.
And now I am hopeful that the funk will start to fade.

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