Sunday, June 19, 2005


Okay, I should be asleep.
I'm not, and I'm not happy about that.
It's all apart of this mode I am in.
I have been writing and I'm happy about that even if it some depressing shit.
I have this propensity to swear. I have been writing in traditional form tonight so there is virtually no cursing in my poems.
I know unfucking believable!
Here is the first one. I'll do the others later, I think I might be sleepy.
Go figure.
It's in the French form it's called a Rondeau.
I actually had fun trying this form.
The depressing words will say otherwise.
I have trouble punctuating poetry.
Bear with me goddammit I'm sleep deprived among other things.

French Form Rondeau
Theresa Davis 2005

Here alone at night I sit and cry
My pain and misery multiply
This time on earth has made me feel old
If honesty and truth be told

I secretly wish of a clear blue sky
To push out the sadness and solidify
That my meaning and worth should signify
The potential for the love I hold
Here alone at night

My dreams set free on the wing of a butterfly
In reality I constantly try to identify
Ever searching on a lonely road
When will my happiness unfold?
Or will this pain and misery intensify?
Here alone at night

1 comment:

Collin said...

Honey, you're just going through a funk. I have those often. I'm sure it will lead to eventual institutionalization, but I always try and milk the funks for poetry. I see you're doing the same. And in form. Go on withyabadself.

Love ya,