Friday, September 02, 2005

American Refugees

American Refugees in America. Never thought I'd see the day.
This is a situation that should never have happenend. We were lulled into believing that disasters in America come in the form of planes crashing into buildings or weapons of mass destruction that may or may not exist.
Mother nature is pissed.
And seems to be purging.
Does anybody else think that this extreme weather hads gotten worst over the last two years?
Could there be a correlation to the bombs being dropped daily?
Can the earth withstand constant bombardment and it not throw something off balance?
Where do the fumes go?

Listening to the news this morning watching the images of babies barely conscious is truly frightening. Learning that all those budget cuts ( some designated to fix the or prevent the flooding problem) went to do more worthwhile things like?????
Why five days into this are people still there? Where are the fucking rock stars singing their songs of relief?
Where are the big businesses so willing to provide assistance to other nations at the drop of a hat? Dubya planning to go and what?
Tell these people what lie?
It's much easier to lie about what the fuck you are or are not doing in another country, not so much when the devastation is sitting in your backyard!
People are desperate, he will need lots of protection.
I don't think they want to be talked to they want action.

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Collin said...

I have been in near despair all week. Bush should be impeached! Did you hear about Condi shopping for shoes the other day in NYC. A woman started screaming at her in some big department store: "You should be ashamed of yourself in here shopping when all those people in New Orleans are dying." Secret Service hustled her out quickly. Bitch! I hope this might be event that breaks the spell that fucking Texas tumbleweed has cast over this country. He needs to go!