Saturday, September 24, 2005


So, it's done!
I have finished the list I created for myself as I approached my 40th birthday!
I have decided through a pemanenet display on my person to accept my alter ego, Sister Seuss.
So I had this dream the other night, I was creating a line of journals and my new book of poetry all a Sister Seuss Production. I talked to my ace, my buddy, my good friend Cindy. I told her what the tattoo was to look like and she drew it.
Just what I wanted.
All day I anticipated getting my tattoo.
I was a fucking nervous wreck!
Melissa, my partner in most crimes, was on board,
because I am a wimp,
and would be in need of some Jet I form of support.
Who ever told you that it doesn't hurt,
whoever told you that it's a good kind of pain,
whoever said oh it's no big deal in that nonchalant way...
Whoever they were,
they fucking lied to you!
It hurt like a mother fucker!
My impulse to scream was only drowned out by the fact that during the pain
I was not breathing,
trying to keep the profanity under control,
which produced tiny,
sparkling stars....
A sure sign that I was about to pass the fuck out!
I did not pass out, but I did, with the help of Melissa, drink two pitchers of beer after.
Much needed in light of the fact that I felt so loopy after.
my ass,
pain, pure and simple!
I experienced ink, I don't think I will ever do that shit again!
But now I must take another photo shoot!
Naked with the tattoo!
Yes, this must happen as soon as this bitch heals, OUCH!!!!!!

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