Monday, September 19, 2005

Talk Like a Pirate

Yes it is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!
And yes, I dressed and talked like a pirate all day,
and my class was great.
Yes, sure most of them were embarrassed as my pirate attire was very over the top.
Including the facial hair I added.
We plundered through Target, then off to The Pirate's Cove to face Blackbeard's Challenge.

Who knew they would be so bad at miniature golf.
It took a bit longer for some, and many balls ended up in the water.
I was thoroughly entertained.
It's all a part of my educational scheme, where I tie in my themes:
Hispanic Heritage Month ( a week was not fucking nearly enough)
Then a glimpse of Piracy,
so when Columbus Day rolls around we can discuss the greatest and most ruthless pirate celebrated in America ( aside from the one currently in office),
then I show the effects of the European Explorers on the Hispanic regions of North and South America. That takes me to November where I can then talk about how the Native Americans were devastated by the same Encounters!!!!!
If our children don't learn their history, they will repeat it!!!
You know when I started doing the poetry thing,
I ran up on people who strongly disagree with my opinions,
but couldn't quite put it into words the parts I got wrong.
Just want to tell me I'm not looking at the situation right.
I have no vision problems when it comes to bullshit.
Idiot people who react to what I say as if it were the gospel truth.
These same folks are offended that I am a teacher.
They say education is not political................................fucking idiot freaks!!!
Of course education is political.
I bought a shirt today that kinda sums up my feelings on the subject of people who can't sort opinion from fact and even write that
"parents should opose me being a teacher"
That's right the dickhead spelled oppose wrong.
Guess it's because his teacher didn't think the educational system in this country is political. Well, I would have at least taught him to spell...
My shirt says," Never underestimate stupid people in large groups".
Which is probably what folks were saying when my class stepped out as pirates today.?
I'd rather think they were saying to themselves," What a cool ass teacher! I wish I were back in school so she could be my teacher!"
Yes, that's totally what they were saying!!!!!
You know it's true!

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