Thursday, September 22, 2005

Summer Promises

I am having a silent fit!
OK, it's not so silent, but it is very much a fucking fit!
I made promises to myself this summer,
Take erotic photo shoot, check
have a one night stand, check
Go to new Orleans, check
do at least two gigs out of town, check
go to the national poetry slam, check
try to maintain a certain level of cool,
okay so on this one I might be fucking up a bit,
my frustration levels are causing me to be a bit more bitchier than usual,
for I am a sexual being having no sex,
and let's face it the world is fucked up,
so uncoolness via,natural disaster
or associating with those who call your bitch demons to the surface don't count right?
So, check
Did you notice there was no check!
Here it is the first day of Fall and there is no tattoo!
Not on my arm or on my ass, and I am not happy!
I want to go out tomorrow and get my damn tattoo!
Who's with me!!

Oh, by the by, today is National Ice Cream Cone Day!
Go out get a scoop and give yourself a big ole hug from me!!!!!

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