Friday, September 30, 2005

Emergency Room

This is an oxy moron.
I know I should have gone to the emergency room this morning, but my kids were spent and I didn't think it was that bad. Daylight showed something different. I let the kids sleep in. I told them to get there when they were rested. I went to class.
I know I am stubborn.
I know I should have gone to the doctor right away.
I also know that I take my responsibilities very seriously and my class, is mine.
I didn't want to try to arrange a sub, freak them out because they know I don't miss school. Up until this year I only missed three days of school.
I was having a baby, and we were both in class on the fourth day.
I had a good time with my class today.
They made me realize how lucky I was.
When I told them what happened my favorite kid in the world,
that I didn't birth, was upset.
He said he was mad at me.
He was glad I saved my kids and home but he was mad and wondered why my arms and face weren't burned.
I hadn't thought of that.
They should have been.
The plastic was melting in my hands and the only reason I stepped on the hot plastic was because I had to turn my face away from the flames.
I am lucky. Possibly insane.
I was ok until the throbbing started.
Josh, my favorite, made me smile through all my pain.
He was being questioned by another student about why he was still in my class.
Josh decided when I was his fourth grade teacher he decided tha he needed to stay in my class another year.
His father said it was his decision, and when Josh decides something that's it.
When Josh wouldn't answer him the kid asked me.
I said it was because Josh loved me and felt he needed more time to learn in my class.
I told him I was honored by his decision and it has made me a better teacher.
Josh blushed a rainbow.
Made me smile.
Later I wanted to take an aspirin and asked Josh to go to the Highschool and get me a soda from the machine. He asked if he could get himself one.
I said yes.
There is a rule about using the machines and when the other students saw he had one they started complaining.
"Why does he get to get a soda and we can't," they demanded. The largest protestor a Vegan who doesn't even drink soda.
Josh slammed his soda on the table and said, " Because she LOVES me more than you!"
The soda coming from my nose took my mind off the pain and the aspirin, and the stunned silence of my class, cracked my shit up.
Later on one asked," You love us all, right?"
"Yes," I said.
Josh explained to them that of course I would say that,"Theresa is a nice person, she doesn't want to hurt your feelings, but don't get it confused," he said.
The phrase I have been trying to teach him is "Don't get it twisted".
He says you should say what you mean, I say it's less funny that way. I still have a few months to work on him.
I said "Josh, I do care about everybody in this class, you know that."
He nodded, and winked at me when the class looked away.
He is a great kid.
This is a long one.
Soon after that the pain was too much. I announced that I had to go to the emergency room.
Just then my mother came in and yelled at me to take my asbutt (that's what yo say when you realize that you are about to curse in front of a bunch of kids) to the emergency room.
I said OK I'm going.
When she left the kids remarked that it was cool the way I made her think it was her idea, and realized that even when they are grown their parents may still yell at them.
I waited two hours before they saw me.
I waited in a room for another hour before the doctor came in.
I waited some more while she ordered a Tetanus shot.
Can I just say that is a painful shot and she was trying to give it to me in the fresh ink.
And it hurts like hell! For days!
Then she cut the blister drained it and dressed the wound.
Gave me an ugly shoe and crutches.
What she did took about 10 minutes.
I wonder if I was bleeding they would have seen me sooner?
I think all this stuff is happening to send me a message, it's not don't write, my hands are fine, it's not don't talk, my face wasn't burned. It's sit your ass down, because now walking is painful.
I was supposed to do a lot of things this weekend.
I am sorry but I can't.
My goddess is telling me to sit my ass down and when my goddess speaks I listen..... Well sometimes, she knows I'm hardheaded.
Please come out to HOUSE OF POETS on Monday Gypsee-Yo will feature and I should have several new pieces. But I do have groovy pain killers so they may not make much sense.
They are kicking in right now, It's almost nighty-night time......quick someone come tuck me in!

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Collin said...

Alice told me what happened yesterday at the WDC meeting. Damn, girl! Carrying flaming fans into the bathroom. There is a poem in that somewhere. Hope your foot heels up.

Mine is actually feeling okay...sore as hell...but it's tightly wrapped and I have vicodin.

I'm sure it will be throbbing tonight when I'm on stage doing A Solider's Song, but at least the show is only an hour and I can perch on a stool for part of it.