Tuesday, September 13, 2005


I am now very anxious to get my tattoo.
Been thinking about it all day.
I think next week end maybe.
I am a total pussy when it comes to pain, so if you want to come see me cry like a baby, please do.
This poem has been haunting me.
I dream it vividly and can only retrieve snatches of it when I wake.
The recurring line is I Know,
and it rhymes then breaks over and over again.
Like it wants to follow some form and then break ranks just for the fuck of it.
It's a rowdy little poem.........

Teasing my tongue,
whispered in the dark
caressing me like a lover
under the cover of night
touching me deeply
leaving only slight impressions on my skin
in my mind
waking twisted sheets hold me down
it looks like we made love again last night
and again
fading memories
of sweet nothings in my ear
the words on my lips
like the goodbye kiss you never give me
as you fade into morning

She's a sexy little poem as well.

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