Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Poetic Exorcism

Up all night in and our of dreams, consisting of words.
Rough stuff, and yes I look crazy after only 3 hours of sleep.
Walking into a middle school classroom sleep deprived
gives them an edge that you wouldn't believe.
Working this morning the banter a little louder than usual
didn't really register, until it sounded like they were screaming at each other.
So I had to pull the Mad Insane Teacher Card,
and outshout them into silence.
I am not firing on all thrusters.
But I wrestled the two new poems out of me last night.
A kind of poetic exorcism.
Sounds painful doesn't it.
Both pieces are so squishy, not my normal shit.
Oh well, it is what it is.
Here's one:

© Theresa Davis 9/2005

A candle sits on my bedside table
And I want to strike a match
To kiss the wick
To watch the flicker
The glow
Nothing moves as beautifully
As flame dancing
Unlit it remains
I've owned it for almost a year
Earth toned inspiration
Waiting to be realized
Waiting for a spark from me
But it remains unlit
You see, I have this five-year old
He's this amazing man-child
Who reminds me of me
Smart, funny, a little twisted
He comes by it honestly
But he has been conditioned
Conditioned to believe
That a lit candle means
A party
A birthday party to be exact
And no matter the month
The birthday must be his
So in good conscious
I can't light it
I'm a mom
I mean, imagine the guilt
If lit and blown out
When the smoke clears
There is no cake

But in my mind
I light the candle
Every time hardship comes
It's lit
The flame flickers in my minds eye
Offering up a blessing
Of peace,
Of hope
In my mind I watch the flames
The glow inspires me
My inspiration feeds the flame
And in my mind it glows
Even though it remains unlit
It brings me comfort
Brand new it sits
On my bedside table
Rotund it bears 3 wicks
Fearing yet awaiting flames

In my heart I light one
Whispering a prayer for those in need
Basking in the glow of potential joy

I light another
In the glimmer I find myself
Looking forward to better days
Looking forward to the future

I light the third
In it's illumination
I murmur a secret wish
A simple wish that bring a smile to my face
And then a hope as I breathe in
That when I blow out the flames
There will be cake

1 comment:

Collin said...

POW! Love that last stanza the most! Great piece. Wanna hear you read it.